Banner Fiji

50 Dollars

Issuing authority: Reserve Bank of Fiji

Original size: 151 x 67 mm

FJ - B524a

Vorderseite Rückseite

Banknote design copyright by the Reserve Bank of Fiji

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Vorderseite: Halskette mit Walfischzähnen (Wasekaseka); Porträt Ihrer Majestät der Königin Elisabeth II.; Landeswappen.
Rückseite: Für eine Zeremonie (i tubetube, Überreichung eines Walfischzahns) traditionell gekleideter Einheimischer; Traditionelle Zeremonie zur Herstellung eines Getränkes aus Yaqona, einer pfefferähnlichen Pflanze (Yaqona vakaturaga); Logo der Nationalbank.

Front side: Necklace of whale teeth (Wasekaseka); Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.; Coat of arms of Fiji.
Back side: Traditionally dressed native for a ceremony (i tubetube, Presentation of a whale tooth); Traditional ceremony preparing a drink made from Yaqona, a pepper-like plant (Yaqona vakaturaga); Logo of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.



Not dated.
Signature of Savenaca NarubeSignature of S. Narube (as GOVERNOR). Fijian head, electrotype 50 and cornerstones as watermark. Wide windowed security thread with demetalized text and domodomo on the front side. Domodomo (mast head) as registration device. Turtle shaped holographic patch at right on the front side. One horizontal and one vertical 6-digit serial number on the front side. Both have a double letter prefix and digits of ascending size. Printed by Thomas de la Rue, United Kingdom.


Introduced on 10. April 2007.