Banner New Zealand

50 Dollars

Issuing authority: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Original size: 150 x 72 mm

NZ - B140a

© Banknote design copyright by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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Vorderseite: Poutama-Muster; Porourangi-Versammlungshaus der Maori; Porträt des neuseeländischen Politikers Sir Apirana Ngata (1874 - 1950). Er war der erste Maori, der seinen Abschluss an einer neuseeländischen Universität machte, und 38 Jahre lang Mitglied des Parlaments.
Rückseite: Blaue Pilze (Entoloma hochstetteri); Naturschutzgebiet Pureora Forest Park; Lappenkrähe (Callaeas wilsoni).

Front side: Poutama pattern; Porourangi Maori meeting house; Portrait of the New Zealand politician Sir Apirana Ngata (1874 - 1950). He was the first Maori to graduate from a New Zealand university and Member of the Parliament for 38 years.
Back side: Sky-blue mushrooms (Entoloma hochstetteri); Pureora Forest Park; Blue wattled crow (Callaeas wilsoni).



Dated 2016The first two digits of the serial number indicate the year of printing (e.g. 16 = 2016).
Signature of Graeme Paul WheelerSignature of G. P. Wheeler (as GOVERNOR). No watermark. No shadow image. No security thread. Top-to-bottom window with various holographic elements. Denomination (50) as registration device. Green SPARK Live SPARK is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. elements (crow on front and fern on the back side) with rolling colour effect. One horizontal and one vertical 8-digit serial number on the front side. Both are printed in black, have a double letter prefix and digits of the same size. Printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company on polymer substrate.


Polymer banknote, introduced on 16. May 2016.