Banner Albania

100 Lekë

Issuing authority: Banka e Shqiperise

Original size: 130 x 66 mm

AL - B312a

© Banknote design copyright by the Bank of Albania

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Vorderseite: Porträt des albanischen Bischofs und Politikers Fan Stilian Noli (1882 – 1965); Brennende Fackel.
Rückseite: Logo der Albanischen Föderation VATRA; Logo der Zeitung DIELLI; SItz des ersten albanischen Parlaments (heute Akademie der Wissenschaften).

Front side: Portrait of the Albanian bishop and politician Fan Stilian Noli (1882 – 1965); Blazing torch.
Back side: Logo of the Albanian Federation VATRA; Logo of the newspaper DIELLI; Building of the first Albanian Parliament (today the Academy of Sciences).



Dated 1996.
Signatures of Kristaq LunikuSignature of K. Luniku (as GUVERNATORI) and Palok KolnikajSignature of P. Kolnikaj (as DREJTORI). Portrait of Fan Stilian Noli as watermark. Windowed security thread with demetalized text on the front side. Heraldic eagle as registration device. Brown OVISecurity element based on optical variable ink element (detailed outline of the Bank of Albania building) on the front side. One horizontal and one vertical black 6-digit serial number on the front side. Both have a two-letter prefix and digits of the same size. Printed by Thomas de la Rue, United Kingdom.


Introduced on 11. July 1997. Demonetized on 31. December 2010.