Banner Albania

200 Lekë

Issuing authority: Banka e Shqiperise

Original size: 125 x 65 mm

AL - B322a

© Banknote design copyright by the Bank of Albania

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Vorderseite: Porträt des albanischen Dichters und Patrioten Naim Frashëri (1846 – 1900); Gebäude der albanischen Nationalbank; Aufgeschlagenes Buch.
Rückseite: Papier mit einer Phrase aus einem Gedicht von Frashëri; Füllfederhalter; Frashëris Geburtshaus.

Front side: Portrait of the Albanien poet and patriot Naim Frashëri (1846 – 1900); Bank of Albania building; Open book.
Back side: Paper with a phrase taken from one of Frashëri's poems; Fountain pen; House where Frashëri was born.



Dated 2017.
Signatures of Gent SejkoSignature of G. Sejko (as GUVERNATORI) and Virjon LalollariSignature of V. Lalollari (as DREJTORI). No watermark. No security thread. Heraldic eagle as registration device. Violet OVISecurity element based on optical variable ink element (detailed outline of the Bank of Albania building) on both sides. Portrait of Naim Frashëri in transparent window. One vertical black and one horizontal red 7-digit serial number on the front side. Both have a two-letter prefix and digits of the same size. Printed by Thomas de la Rue, United Kingdom, on polymeric substrate.


Introduced on 30. September 2019.