Banner Albania

5.000 Lekë

Issuing authority: Banka e Shqiperise

Original size: 153 x 72 mm

AL - B326a

© Banknote design copyright by the Bank of Albania

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Vorderseite: Porträt von Gjergj Kastrioti (1405–1468), besser bekannt als Skanderbeg oder Iskander Bey; Gebäude der albanischen Nationalbank.
Rückseite: Statue von Skanderbeg zu Pferd; Skanderbegs Helm; Die Burg von Krujë, auf der Skanderbeg lebte.

Front side: Portrait of Gjergj Kastrioti (1405–1468), better known as Skanderbeg or Iskander Bey; Bank of Albania building.
Back side: Statue of Skanderbeg sitting on a horse; Skanderbeg's helmet; Krujë Castle, where Skanderbeg lived.



Dated 2017.
Signatures of Gent SejkoSignature of G. Sejko (as GUVERNATORI) and Virjon LalollariSignature of V. Lalollari (as DREJTORI). Portrait of Gjergj Kastrioti, electrotype 5000 and heraldic eagle as watermark. Windowed security thread with demetalized denomination and shield on the front side. Heraldic eagle as registration device. Holographic stripe on the front side. Golden SPARK Live SPARK Live is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. element (Skanderbeg's helmet) on the front side. One vertical black and one horizontal red 7-digit serial number on the front side. Both have a double letter prefix and digits of the same size. Printed by Thomas de la Rue, United Kingdom.


Introduced on 30. September 2019.