Banner Czechoslovakia

20 Korun

Issuing authority: Státní Banka Československá

Original size: 137 x 67 mm

CS - B323

© Banknote design copyright by the Czechoslovak State Bank

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Vorderseite: Wappen der Tschechoslowakei; Aufgeschlagenens Buch; Porträt des tschechischen Philosophen und Theologen Jan Ámos Komenský (1592-1670); Baum des Lebens.
Rückseite: Alphabet; Atomsymbol; Baum des Lebens; Junges Paar; Blumen.

Front side: Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia; Open book; Portrait of the Czech philosopher and theologist Jan Ámos Komenský (1592-1670); Tree of life.
Back side: Alphabet; Atomic symbol; Tree of life; Young couple; FLowers.


Dated 1988.
No signatures. Patter of starts and linden leaves as watermark. No security thread. Two horizontal red 3-digit alphanumerical numbers indicating the printing series on the front side. Additional two horizontal red 6-digit serial numbers with no prefix and digits of the same size on the front side. Printed by Státni Tiscérna Cenin Praha, Czech Republic.


Introduced on 1. October 1988. Withdrawn on 7. February 1993 in Slovakia and on 31. July 1993 in the Czech Republic. Designed by Albín Brunovský.
For banknotes with revalidation adhesive stamps on the front side, please refer to the issues of Slovakia.