A n d o r r a


1 Pesseta

Issuing authority: Consell General de les Valls d'Andorra

Original size: 89 x 70 mm

AD - B101

Deutsch Englisch

Vorderseite: Andorras Wappen mittig oben und zentral im Unterdruck.
Rückseite: Wortlaut des Dekrets Nr. 112 in katalanischer Sprache.

Front side: Andorra's coat of arms at upper center and at center in underprint.
Back side: Wording of the decret no. 112 in Catalan language.


Dated 19 DESEMBRE 193619. December 1936.
No signatures. Watermark unknown. No security thread. One horizontal black 6-digit serial number on the back side with digits of the same size and without prefix. Unknown printer.


Introduced on 19. December 1936. Withdrawn on 31. December 1938.